Medical Laboratory Scientist: After 12th Courses

A Medical Laboratory Scientist is a professional who performs analyses on human body fluids like blood, urine, sputum, stool, synovial fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, etc. to diagnose different illnesses. Their examinations influence the course of medical treatment the... read more

What is Dialysis?

The two bean-shaped kidneys perform the work of throwing out waste products from our body. But what happens when the kidneys are not able to work? We take the help of dialysis. Dialysis is the process of removing excess water and toxins from the blood when the kidneys... read more

Professionals In a Pathology Laboratory

A Pathology Laboratory is a place where the diagnosis of different illnesses gets done. There are different professionals working in a Pathology Laboratory who ensure that the collection of samples and diagnosis get done smoothly. Let’s know more about these... read more

Importance of Occupational Therapy

People who suffer from different disabilities, mental or physical, yearn to carry on their daily activities, too, like others without any disabilities. Occupational Therapy helps them to carry on their daily activities like all others using different techniques. In... read more

What is Paramedical Services?

‘Paramedical Services’ or ‘Paramedics’ refer to the essential artery of healthcare services. Essential, because, without the Paramedical Services, the healthcare system as a whole including the doctors consulting patients in their private chambers won’t function at... read more

What Are The Reasons To Study Critical Care Management?

To become a critical care management technician is to become a hero in healthcare. You would be looked up to for saving lives by devising emergency first aids, monitoring critical care patients and playing a crucial role in saving valuable lives. Here are a few... read more

What Is The Work Of An ICU Technician?

ICU or Intensive Care Unit is the place in any medical set up where critically injured patients are cured. These patients, in fact, stand at the threshold of life and death. Nothing can be more rewarding to be able to serve these patients and heal them back to life.... read more

What Is The Work Of An X-Ray Technician?

If you meet with an accident and fracture your leg bones, whom do you go to? You go straight to the doctor, then the first aid and then get yourself an X-Ray, isn’t it? An X-Ray Technician takes over the charge, makes your feet at ease and gets your bones examined by... read more

How The Medical Support System Functions In ICU and CCU?

When a patient is brought in to the hospital or nursing home in a critically injured state, the work of the medical support system begins from there. Most of the time, it begins in the ambulance itself. The goal of any medical support system is to effectively help in... read more