Healthcare industry has different streams of study besides nurses and doctors. The paramedical courses in this industry offer a lucrative career option to students.Specialized paramedical courses are available these days and operation theatre technician course is one of them. Through this course students get training to become expert professionals.

Operation Theatre Technician Course

The term “operation” is dreadful to many patients. Everyone knows how crucial it is for a doctor to perform an accurate surgery. The first thing that a surgeon needs in this regard is a well-organized operation theatre. An operation theatre technician plays a significant role in making patients and all equipment ready prior a surgery. These technicians assist surgeons in the operation and communicate with patients simultaneously. Therefore, you can understand how crucial their responsibility and role are.

Surgeries where Operation Theatre Technologists are Required

  • Urology
  • Plastic surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Gynaecology surgery
  • Heart surgery
  • General surgery

JobResponsibilities and Work Opportunities

  • Setting up the operation theatre
  • Organizing surgical instruments and sterilizing and disinfecting instruments prior surgery
  • Assisting surgeons, nurses, anesthetists and specialists during surgery
  • Handling any type of crisis at the time of surgery
  • Maintaining anesthesia equipment
  • Communicating with patients to give them physical and mental support
  • Providing post-operative care to the patients
  • Offering assistance in critical care and intensive care units

Skills and Eligibility Required for an Operation Theatre Technician

Students should preferably be a science graduate and must have empathy, alertness, patience and the ability to make quick decisions.

Why this course is becoming popular

There is high demand for proficient and trained operation theatre technicians these days. Technological up gradation and scientific advancement in diagnostics of diseases lead to the use of invasive techniques in treatments and for this, surgeries are becoming common. Hence, need for operation theatre professionals is also increasing as they are the skilled workforce who maintain all operation protocols and also act as a bridge between surgeons and patients.

Where can an operation theatre technician work?

When a student successfully completes the course, he can seek job in nursing homes, healing centers, trauma centers and private and government hospitals. Again, a student can enroll for high examination to become an instructor or educator. Students also have the opportunity to work with research wings of any organization, oncologists and surgeons.

Thus, it is evident that operation theatre technicians have huge prospect in today’s healthcare industry.

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