DMLT is Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology which needs scientists for assisting healthcare practitioners to collect specimens, perform prick test and also vocally communicate critical results of lab. In a clinical lab, a CLS or MLS offer diagnostic testing of body fluids and blood of patients. Receiving specimens from patients and presenting their test reports to healthcare professionals and doctors is the job of medical laboratory scientist. Laboratory test reports have 70% influence on the choice of physicians and an MLS report has 95% influence on healthcare expenditure.

Thus, you can understand the importance of a DMLT course in Kolkata. DMLT course requires talent, enthusiasm, commitment and patience because you might have to handle several unpleasant situations.

DMLT Course – What is it?

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology or DMLT is a course that has high demand in today’s market. Besides dedication and patience, individuals should have good communication skill, as they have to effectively interact with workers, other departments and patients to achieve the best result in patient care. Aspirants are team members who are valuable for the laboratory department because they closely communicate with others, facilitate positive relation, need to maintain a smiling face always, maintain proper workspace and attend employee activities, conferences and staff meets.

Aspirants of DMLT also are capable of working under pressure because test reports matter a lot for a patient and ability of a candidate to administer testing and evaluate it results quickly is very critical in such situations. Further, they should have problem-solving capability since they will perform various tests and will have to determine whether a test has to be redone or further testing is required in an occasion.

Advantages of Medical Laboratory Technician Course in Kolkata

DMLT or Diploma of Medical Laboratory Technician course involves loads of responsibilities, especially in emergency times. After completing the course, aspirants can help doctors in preparing the slide, collecting samples, centrifugation and using prescribed stains. The curriculum of the course is designed in such a way that students acquire the ability to perform tests that assist in diagnosis of illness and its treatment. Students also get the privilege of operating laboratory equipment and conducting accurate pathological test.

Medical laboratory technicians can also take up administrative responsibilities like performing duties assigned by laboratory supervisor, evaluating and selecting new testing methodologies and laboratory equipment, maintaining precise clinical records and recording results and reporting laboratory tests. Thus, employment opportunity for a DMLT is immense.


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