Operation theatre technicians play a vital role in making surgical procedures a smoother, safer, and more hassle-free process. This is for the reason that they are solely responsible for getting the operation theaters ready before the operation.

If you choose a career as an operation theater technician, then you are supposed to ensure that the sound, lighting, as well as other technical performance aspects, are in good working condition. You will be responsible for the safe, smooth, and punctual run of the surgical procedures. Although you will be provided with a theater assistant, still you are required to make sure that the tools in the operating room should be in perfect sanitized and safe-to-use condition.

As an operation theater technician, you should have the required skill to support health care experts while addressing patient care. Therefore, you are supposed to have thorough knowledge about the different aspects of working, including infection control and biomedical waste management. Besides having the ability to get the operation theater ready, you are also responsible for maintaining the operation tools, sterilizing them, keeping up personal cleanliness, as well as assisting the surgeons and nurses in various procedures, including filling in the forms during and after the surgery.

The main requisite for becoming a successful operation theater technician is that the person should be courteous and sympathetic. This is for the reason that these technicians may need to deal with patients as well as relatives who may be upset physically, mentally, and emotionally from time to time. In the majority of cases, they will assist dentists, surgeons, and optometrists during surgeries.

Some of the major roles and job responsibilities of an operation theatre technician include:

  • Offering assistance to surgeons
  • Preparing clinical and operation reports
  • Maintaining the operation theater in a clean condition
  • Managing inventory
  • Monitoring, meaning the technician has to check bulletin boards for notices and program changes on an everyday basis.

Above all, these technicians are supposed to ensuring safety from the start to the end of the surgical procedures.

Although operation theater technicians are not likely to travel, their work environment will mostly be inside the operation theater. They are supposed to perform their duties on a full-time basis and they should be prepared to work even after their scheduled working hours according to the situations. However, each of these technicians is supposed to work 40 hours per week as a minimum and they will be required to perform shift duties, as well.

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