Paramedical courses are gradually gaining popularity and numerous colleges and institutes in India offer this course. Healthcare industry is fast expanding giving plenty of job opportunities to qualified paramedical staffs. Willing to join a paramedical course? Looking for some reputed college in Kolkata? Here are some facts to assist you in this context.

Increasing Popularity of Paramedics

These days, students are showing interest in pursuing a career in paramedical sciences.Numerous students are attracted towards nursing and medicine creating immense competition in this field. Many students willing to pursue a career in this healthcare industry are usually unable to crack counselling sessions or entrance examinations. Paramedical sciences provide a career option to students to get associated with healthcare services without indulging into hardcore medicines.

Healthcare has now become technology-dependent. Laser therapies, angiograms, CT scans, robotic surgeries, MRIs all have become an essential part of treatment and diagnosis. For operating these sophisticated procedures and machines, trained professionals are required. They can handle them with precision and ensure that there are zero errors in reports and images. Thus, the field of paramedics is experiencing steady demand of trained professionals.

Who are paramedics?

Paramedics are health professionals capable of managing varied diagnostic technologies. They provide support services to nurses and doctors. They are first to come in contact with the patients. Some of the paramedical personnel are –

  • CT scan technicians
  • MRI technicians
  • Physiotherapists
  • Audiologists
  • Speech professionals
  • Ophthalmic assistant
  • Ambulance service people
  • Emergency care staffs
  • Cardio vascular lab technicians
  • Dialysis technicians
  • Radiologists
  • Lab technicians

Paramedical Courses

Different categories of paramedical courses are offered in different institutes after 10th and 12th standard. Certificate and diploma paramedical courses are available to students after 10th standard and bachelor course on paramedical is offered to students after 12th standard.In bachelor course students acquire extensive knowledge on various types of specializations and get a degree. Post graduate paramedical courses are also available in which students acquire further specialized knowledge. With so many institutes offering paramedical courses, students should choose wisely to ensure that they get the best education from the best college.

Top Paramedical Colleges in Kolkata

A number of colleges and institutes in Kolkata offer paramedical course. Some of the top colleges are –

  • Kolkata Medical College
  • NSHM Knowledge Campus
  • George Group of Colleges
  • Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research

Helping people is a noble deed and paramedical courses can assist you in this.

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