Over the years, we are getting used to the sedentary lifestyle. The environment around us, too, is not as healthy as before. These two reasons are the primary reasons behind our increased susceptibility to getting sick often. When we are sick, we resort to medical services, usually. But, in our country, moreover, in the state of West Bengal, where we live, the medical services have not reached the stage where it should have been. There is a lack of good medical support professionals whose work is to ably support the lifesavers, our doctors, in meting out proper treatment to all the ailing individuals.

Who are medical support professionals? They are in pathological labs and diagnostic centers where you go to get medical tests, they are in hospitals and nursing homes where you go for surgery, medical examinations are under close supervision and to heal yourself after an illness. They are those indispensable hands of your doctors without whom no cure is possible from start to end.

You can be one of those hands too. There’s no better respectable profession than to be able to save lives and think about the well being of the patients. Bengal Institute of Dialysis Studies (BIDS) has been established to address the need for efficient medical support professionals. We offer courses like,

  • Dialysis Technology
  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Operation Theatre Technician
  • X-Ray Technician
  • Critical Care Management and
  • ICU Technician Courses respectively.

All these courses have been designed to bring out the best professionals in the respective fields.

  • The Dialysis Technicians would be helping in the Dialysis functioning of the patients who need the support.
  • The Medical Laboratory Technicians help in carrying out blood tests, Ultra Sonographies, CT Scans, MRI Scans, and numerous other pathological tests.
  • Operation Theatre Technicians help in the proper carrying out of the surgeries and work hand in hand with the surgeons.
  • X-Ray Technicians carry out X-Ray Examinations.
  • The ICU Technicians and Critical Care Managers help out in the close supervision of the critically sick patients and administering required medicines and other life supports.

To be a part of the Medical Support Services is a noble choice. No other livelihood that to be able to help out a sick person to heal to normal self will give your soul a sense of immense satisfaction. The choice to be a positive change in this field lies entirely with you.



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