‘Paramedical Services’ or ‘Paramedics’ refer to the essential artery of healthcare services. Essential, because, without the Paramedical Services, the healthcare system as a whole including the doctors consulting patients in their private chambers won’t function at all.

Paramedical Services mean the services that help in the early diagnosis, management, and treatment of any ailment. The professional who collects blood samples in a pathology lab to the professional who assists a surgeon while operating on a patient in OT, all are termed as paramedics.

The paramedics are also the professionals who provide emergency treatment in an ambulance rushing to a hospital or hurrying patients to the respective departments from the Emergency department in a hospital. Thus, the presence of the Paramedical Services is extremely paramount in any properly functioning health care system.

If we remove the Paramedical Services from the total healthcare infrastructure, we would lose an important organ because, without these services, the entire infrastructure of health is sure to fail.

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