At NephroPlus, we firmly believe that every person on dialysis can – and should lead a normal life. By a normal life, we mean to be able to work, to exercise, travel and have fun. To prove to the world that this really is true, we organised the first ever Dialysis Olympiad – an Olympics style event exclusively for those on dialysis.

Patients from all over the country were invited for a free, one day event in Hyderabad where they could participate in things like Running, Cycling, Basketball, Table Tennis, Sudoku, Carroms etc.

Almost 500 patients from all over the country participated in this event. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were given away to the winners in each event. The event ended with an Antakshari kind of music competition.

This event truly showcased the fact that dialysis patients can do things that otherwise healthy people can do. Though kidney disease is a physiological disease, there is a huge psychological component to it. Those who think they can, surely do!

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