Over the last century, medical science has gone through massive technological progress. It has not only been able to create antidotes to epidemic diseases, also it has shown promises in reaching out to majority of people globally. But providing quality medical service to majority of population is a difficult task. It must be backed by a lot of efficient medical workers. Despite the improvement in technology and all the quality service the most vital part of the medical process is investigation and diagnosis. Hence the role of medical laboratory technician and medical laboratory assistant both have a very vital role in collecting information, sampling, testing, reporting and documenting medical investigations. The entire healthcare process actually depends on correct investigation and diagnosis. Medical laboratory technicians help to support the work of medical technologists, to help identify abnormalities in the samples such as malignancies, bacteria, parasites, or genetic abnormalities.  Medical laboratory technicians also may assist in blood-typing or other routine blood tests. Medical laboratory technicians do similar work but at a less complex level as medical technologists, as educational requirements for medical laboratory technicians are less than the requirements for medical technologists. Much of a medical lab tech’s work revolves around the laboratory. So it shouldn’t be surprising that many precise technical skills are required. Medical laboratory assistants (MLAs) prepare and in some case process samples within a pathology laboratory. Medical Laboratory Technician and medical laboratory assistant are growing as profession across the world. The more number of people in each country come to join this profession the more strength they provide to the healthcare system to their respective countries. Medical laboratory technician can advance in their profession to management level through adequate knowledge and experience.  The career prospects in this field depend on the academic and technical skills of the medical laboratory technologist or medical laboratory assistant. To prepare for a career in this profession the person must have very strong foundation in high school sciences – biology, chemistry, mathematics and computer science. Aspirants of Medical Laboratory Technology can take up courses both at diploma and undergraduate levels. The Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) degree is offered by different medical colleges/ institutions across the country. The degree awarded is B.SC-MLT. The pre requisite for B.Sc medical laboratory technology (B.MLT) is 10+2 with science subjects or equivalent from a recognized university or board. The duration of the entire course is of three years. There are also certificate courses for lab technician careers which need 10+2 with science subjects. Courses are provided by universities, colleges and hospitals as well. Hospitals are often affiliated by college or universities. Medical technologists and medical lab assistant’s career prospects in this field depend on the academic and technical skills of the technologist/technician. Initially he/she joins any laboratory as a certified medical laboratory technician. These days with the growth in the private sector there are so many private hospitals, nursing homes, blood banks, pathology laboratories etc. the demand for laboratory technicians is on the up-swing. Medical technician course is also available after 10th can also be done. B. MLT is also available from some recognized university and colleges. For a laboratory technician average salary is 14,775 RS per month in India.



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