A Pathology Laboratory is a place where the diagnosis of different illnesses gets done. There are different professionals working in a Pathology Laboratory who ensure that the collection of samples and diagnosis get done smoothly.

Let’s know more about these professionals:

  • Phlebotomist: He/She collects blood samples for further tests in the lab.
  • Histologic Technician: He/She prepares different sections of body tissues to help in the further microscopic tests to be conducted by Pathologists. They also prepare tissue biopsies.
  • Histologist Performs complex tests on body tissues, prepares tissue samples for further tests, supervises Histologic Technician.
  • Cytotechnologist: Examines human cells to diagnose illness.
  • Cytogenetic Technologist: Prepares specimens for cell culture tests.
  • Cytogeneticist: Performs cell analyses to determine genetic abnormalities.
  • Pathology Assistant: Carries out different sorts of diagnostic examinations, helps with autopsies, dissect samples of tissues for further anatomical examination.
  • Medical Laboratory Technician: Carries out routine tests under the supervision of Medical Laboratory Scientist.
  • Medical Laboratory Scientist: Develops new test methods for effective diagnosis along with carrying out routine tests.

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