The work of a Surgical Technician or Surgical Assistant is to keep the surgical equipment sterile and ready just before the surgery, assist the surgeon when he or she is operating bypassing him or her the tools as required during the operation, and keep a tab on the healing of the patient post-surgery.

There are many exciting reasons to be a Surgical Technician. 5 of them are as follows:

  1. You can enter your job field within 2 years: The Operation Theatre Technician Course takes 2 years to get completed and you can get your job just after getting the degree.
  2. You will get ample job opportunities: With the development of medical sciences and an increase in the number of hospitals and nursing homes, job opportunities in this field are always on the rise.
  3. You can work anywhere: You can work as a freelancer in any nursing home or hospital after passing. This can bring good earning opportunities.
  4. Your job will keep you excited and on your toes: There’s no scope of boredom in your job. Patient changes, their problem also changes every time.
  5. You can enjoy high job satisfaction: There is nothing like the satisfaction of helping a human being to heal every day, gradually. You can be the change in their lives.
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